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In loving Memory of my Em.   Peace


It's Happening! ARE YOU READY! for Change? 

(Korn I only think of you ) (love2"Disturbed") (Metal Memoirs). 

I hear you screaming... Do we have a choice anymore?... Peace

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Ascensions.live Crystals.live Hippy.live Celestial.live
www.Mommy.earth &  Peaceloveandhugs.com
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Peace.Auction 7/14 Gods.Auction 11/11


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in memory and love for My Emmy...

 1.Heightened Sensitivity And AwarenessYou may experience heightened sensitivity to the environment. You may find an increase in your sense of smell, touch, hearing and taste. These symptoms can sometimes be uncomfortable. You may develop food intolerances as your body purifies itself of what no longer serves you.Feb 6, 2017

https://www.learning-mind.com › ascension-symptoms-awakening 

It's Happening! ARE YOU READY! for Change?